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Innovation Maturity Assessment (AIM)

Our enterprise-level tool, ‘The Assessment for Innovation Maturity’ or AIM for short, allows you to assess the maturity of your innovation capability and culture, helping you understand where to focus your efforts in order to become an innovation leader and build a culture of innovation.

Innovation Accounting (SATORI)

Our innovation accounting system is designed to help you get an accurate, transparent and timely read on the investments you are making in innovation, help you understand how much your are investing in each strategic option outlined in your innovation strategy as well as which one is the most promising optio, all while getting an unbiased picture of the potential return you can expect from your investments in innovation.

SATORI is based on the methodology and best practices outlined in the Innovation Accounting book.

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Financial Estimations & Modeling (Estimatic)

Estimatic is a revenue/profit modelling system that quickly visualizes the possible outcomes for a business model.

Using a Monte Carlo statistical simulation engine, Estimatic immediately calculates 10,000 revenue/profit scenarios to provide an accurate picture of a business model’s outcomes at a future point in time.