Leading for Innovation

Annual global surveys continue to show that the majority of executives believe that innovation is a crucial driver of organisational success and even survival.

But, very few of those executives have the confidence in their own ability and that of their organisation to drive innovation effectively. Through our work on ‘leading for innovation’, we help leaders develop the mindset, behaviours and skills to close that gap.

We believe that strategy, leadership and culture are the three core pillars for driving innovation and that leadership is the single most crucial factor for fuelling innovation at the individual, team and organisational levels to build a culture of innovation. So, we help leaders own the innovation agenda, combine purpose with creativity, and develop a growth mindset to become pioneers, 10x thinkers and future shapers.

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Download our customer success card and learn how we helped the senior team of one of Africa’s leading banks become innovation pioneers.


    Our approach to the leadership component of transformation centres around our unique ‘Leading FOR Innovation’ programme based on our ‘ODC’ framework.

    This centres around the cascaded and interconnected nature of an innovation culture and the differing ‘look and feel’ of innovation at different levels of an organisation. The leadership component focuses on ‘Owning’ the innovation agenda and what that means in terms of the physical and psychological components required. Some of these components include accountability, collaboration, creativity, purpose, empathy. All key pillars of a growth mindset and key to leading an innovation-focussed culture.