Acceleration and Workforce Development

Even a high degree of technical skill, adequate funding, leadership support and passion for an idea is not enough to bring a product to market. Product teams can easily get distracted when dealing with uncertainty. A Google search will create even more confusion as methodologies such as lean startup, design thinking, business modelling and design sprints appear to be conflicting. Creating a product or service that customers want requires discipline and a good understanding of available methodology options.

And this is exponentially more difficult in non-digital-native organizations where the existing culture, processes and way of working tend to hinder rapid development of new digital-enabled business models.

Acceleration and Product Team Coaching

Our Acceleration and Product Team Coaching program is a fully immersive, learning-by-doing experience, where teams get exposed to the latest tools and techniques, internalise a new mindset, all while solving a current business problem and developing a product ready for market success at a fraction of the time needed under normal circumstances

Throughout our 12 weeks program:

  • teams validate their new business models while learning new skills, methodologies and develop a new mindset,
  • managers learn how to valuate new ideas using best practices from the Venture Capital world,
  • the seeds for a culture of innovation are planted by exposing employees to a new way of working
  • your company’s innovation strategy is being tested with in-market experiments

Our Acceleration and Product Team Coaching program was designed so that it can yield the most impact while being considerate for the constraints of the company – specifically that employees can’t be taken out of ‘production’ full-time for the duration of the program. Therefore the program only asked a time commitment of 8 to 12 hours per week from team members.

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Download our customer success card and learn how we helped accelerate new business model ideas for one of America’s leading heavy equipment manufacturers.