Building a Culture of Innovation

Over the past decade, organisations around the world have implemented innovation and intrapreneurship programs or embarked on transformation programs in the name of change.

But, few succeed in obtaining the outcomes they seek and only a select few have seen a return on the innovation investment promise. This failure is often due to the lack of a holistic approach to innovation, resulting in many disconnected activities being rolled out across an organisation. The result; time effort and resources are wasted, and employees suffer from innovation fatigue.

Building a culture of innovation goes beyond inspirational talks, training programs or workshops. It requires a change in an organisation’s entire approach to innovation, allowing it to continuously explore new growth options while simultaneously continuing to operate the core business.

Based on the bestselling book ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’, we help leaders design an innovation culture roadmap. Embedding an innovation ethos across the organisation through the alignment of strategy, leadership, management, processes, communication, HR and metrics to build an organisation-wide innovation system.

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