Innovation Ecosystem Audit


If you are the Head of Innovation, Transformation, Strategy, a CFO, CDO, CIO or CTO, then understanding the efficiency and impact behind your organisation’s innovation efforts and investment will be high on your agenda.

The Innovation Ecosystem Audit (Pulse) solves the core challenges of understanding how your organisation is doing in terms of innovation, whether the innovation investment promise has been fulfilled and whether or not innovation is genuinely a part of organisational culture and worth the continued investment.

PULSE serves as an ecosystem-wide sense-check on whether to continue investing organisational time, resources and funds in your current innovation system or whether your system needs re-aligning in order to drive the required returns.

With continuing discrepancy between how much is being spent on innovation and the results generated, it is now widely acknowledged that there is no correlation between a companies R&D budget and innovation outcomes.

As a perfect example, in 2020, 28 companies out of the Top 50 spenders on R&D didn’t make it into the Top 50 Most Innovative companies list. Therefore, understanding how innovation is embedded into organisational culture and how your innovation ecosystem is performing has become a strategic imperative.



Our ecosystem analysis approach combines both qualitative insights with quantitative data. Using our own proprietary software combined with in-depth interviews and unique innovation investment analysis methodology, we help answers the following three questions:

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Your overall innovation maturity score

A list of innovation blockers ranked by impact on your ecosystem

A report outlining the current efficiency level of your ecosystem

A report outlining the impact of your investment in innovation

Suggestions on how to remove the most impactful blockers

Suggestions on how to improve the efficiency and impact of your innovation ecosystem

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Download our customer success card and learn how we helped one of the world’s leading banks measure their innovation maturity.

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    Based on the new book by Outcome co-founder Dan Toma…
    A practical guide for measuring your company’s innovation ecosystem.

    Why this book? When a company is committed to growth through innovation – not just exploiting the existing business models – standard accounting documents offer insufficient and, oftentimes. irrelevant data.

    Who is this book for? Executives looking for a new way of measuring corporate performance in a world where accounting-recognized assets are becoming commodities investors seeking better ways of looking at a company’s growth potential managers who need to evaluate innovation product teams using not only financial indicators.

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    Download the Innovation Ecosystem Audit Brochure.

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