Welcome to OUTCOME Talks. The podcast series where Cris Beswick and Dan Toma, the co-founders of OUTCOME, interview corporate leaders, practitioners and thinkers from around the world on the strategy, leadership and culture required for driving innovation-led growth.


OUTCOME Talks with… Halvor Lande, CEO of Aprila Bank

Dan Toma spoke with Halvor Lande, the CEO of Aprila Bank, about how rapid experimentation is giving ‘challenger banks’ an edge over incumbents and how this approach helped Aprila bank better understand customer needs, leading to early profitability.


OUTCOME Talks with… Eva McLellan, Managing Director of Roche Slovenia

Dan Toma sat with Eva McLellan, the Managing Director of Roche Slovenia, and discussed what it means to be a resilient/future-proofed organization and how leaders can approach transforming their companies. Eva offered some amazing hands-on advice from her transformation work at Roche Belgium.


OUTCOME Talks with… Paul Cobban, Former Chief Data and Transformation Officer of DBS Bank

Strap yourself in for an enlightening insight into how Paul and his team at DBS put innovation culture at the centre of their transformation strategy.

Paul documents their journey from ignoring the advice of global consultancies at the time and taking a counterintuitive approach that even involved a Bollywood actor to unpacking what he considers are three key mission critical things when leaders are looking to build a culture of innovation. If building innovation capability and culture is on your agenda, this episode of OUTCOME Talks is The Secret Sauce!


OUTCOME Talks with… Matthijs van Leeuwen, Chief Innovation Officer at Sunway Group

Dan Toma sat with Matthijs van Leeuwen, the CIO of one of Malaysia’s biggest consortium companies, and discussed the peculiarities of being the CIO of an organization made up of business ranging from education to banking and from real estate to food process. Dan and Matt double clicked on how innovation strategy and capability development is approached in such a context.


OUTCOME Talks with… Alexander Haneng, SVP Digital Innovation at Norwegian Post

Dan Toma sat with Alexander Haneng and discussed what it takes to drive innovation in a company with more than 150 years of history, a company whose core business is a commodity. The conversation touched on actionable insights as well as some dos and don’ts, useful for people in similar innovation roles who are also trying to make innovation part of organisational culture.


OUTCOME Talks with… Dan Cockerell, former VP of Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Cris Beswick interviews Dan Cockerell about his amazing career at Disney, leading Disney’s Magic Kingdom, the largest and most popular theme park in the world, his journey as an entrepreneur and what he learned from Walt Disney about how to lead a human-centered and customer-focused organisation. Cris and Dan also talk about what it means to ‘lead for innovation’ and make innovation part of organisational culture.