Measuring Innovation Maturity


In a world of hyper-competition, unprecedented challenges, and constant disruption, the need for innovation has never been higher on the strategic agenda.

Winning organisations no longer depend solely upon a few standout employees, but instead create and nurture organisation-wide innovation capability. But, without a clear view of the current maturity of innovation capability and culture across an organisation it’s impossible to create an effective roadmap for improving an innovation ecosystem.

Our enterprise-level tool, ‘The Assessment for Innovation Maturity’ or AIM for short, allows you to assess the maturity of your innovation capability and culture, helping you understand where to focus your efforts to become an innovation leader and build a culture of innovation.

AIM has been specifically designed to provide leaders with an overview of the current state of innovation capability and culture and provide detail into the specific areas of focus required to increase innovation maturity and measure progress along the way.

The cloud-based tool assesses the five core pillars of innovation; Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Processes. It then measures those pillars against four stages of innovation maturity; Novice, Competent, Expert and ultimately, Leader.

From understanding innovation strategy at boardroom level to how that manifests at the employee level. From clear leadership sponsorship to risk-taking and organisation-wide collaboration and trust. If leaders want to drive their organisations forward through innovation, it’s crucial to have a clear, aligned and communicated strategy and direction around how to build innovation capability and culture.

AIM helps leaders tackle the challenge of driving growth through innovation by not only pinpointing the current state but defining the specific areas of focus for the strategic drive to increase innovation maturity, capability and culture.

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Run the assessment

Invite employees from across the organisation to take the 20-minute, secure and anonymous online assessment.

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Review the results

AIM analyses the data and creates an in-depth overview of your organisations current level of innovation maturity.

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Create a roadmap

We help you unpack the results and build a comprehensive roadmap for tackling your innovation barriers.

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Increase maturity

Measure progress and maintain an up-to-date view to continue to evolve your innovation culture and ecosystem.

To find out more about running AIM and working with OUTCOME to build corporate innovation capability and a culture of innovation in your organisation, get in touch for an initial discussion.